Sapna Chaudhary Haryanvi Dancer

Early Life of Sapna

Sapna Chaudhary was born in a middle class family in Rohtak in Haryana in 1990. His father was a private company employee. In the year 2008, the father of the dream had died, and then he was only 18 years old. After the death of his father, he took up his hobby “Dance” and “Singing” as his business to handle his family responsibilities. And through this art, he is earning capital and fame. Besides, he is also working in films.

Dancing Career

Sapna began her profession with a ragni dancing group from Haryana. Sapna Chaudhary started his career by becoming a part of the team with rage artists. The dream initially used to participate in ragas with ragged parties in the states of Haryana and nearby states. After that, the dream started dancing to the stage. Sapna danced on the songs released by More Music Company on ‘Honeymoon’ song ‘Solid Body Rai‘ which was a video hit. After that the dream was recognized with Haryana as well as in other regions. she has given voice to more than 20 songs. Because of item number in the Dream Journey of Bhongover, Bollywood has been appeared After this, Sapna Veera was seen in the song ‘Hata Jha Tau‘ of the Wedding film. At the same time, Abhay Deol starrer movie, Nanu’s Janu, Has played the character and also has an item number called ‘Tere Thumke Sapna Chaudhary‘.

Opinions On The Dance Of Sapna Chaudhary by people

The more popular the Sapna Choudhary got, the more he was caught in controversy. Some people have their own opinion about Sapna Choudhary, some call them an item girl, some people consider their dance as obscene and have abusive comments on them, but according to Sapna Choudhary, they can dance or dance to their dance The style is not considered to be anything as obscene and it dismisses the matter altogether.

They say that if this is obscene and wrong then whatever actresses in Bollywood dance on the item songs, it is also rude or obscene. Everyone has an attitude of their own, like in my eyes it is not totally obscene, everyone has the right to show their art.