Apple Watch Series 8 Price in India

The “Ultra,” a brand-new Apple Watch model that the company unveiled at this year’s “Far Out” launch event, has generated a lot of conversation. It has superior hardware, is chunkier and larger, and is made with a very specific user base in mind. Another thing that the Apple Watch Ultra accomplished was to overshadow the Apple Watch Series 8 regular. Though not as many as we had hoped for, the new model does offer some improvements over the previous Series 7. Should you stick with (or upgrade to) the Series 7 Apple Watch instead of the upcoming Series 8 and what Apple Watch Series 8 price in India ?

Cost of the Apple Watch Series 8 in India

  • There are two case sizes (41mm and 45mm) and two case finishes (aluminums and stainless steel) for the Apple Watch Series 8. When selecting an Apple Watch, connectivity is another factor to consider. The GPS model and the GPS + cellular model are the options available to you here.
  • The GPS model of the Apple Watch Series 8 Price in India , which has a 41mm aluminum case, costs Rs. 45,900, while the GPS plus cellular model costs Rs. 55,900. The GPS model of the Series 8 with the 45mm aluminum case costs Rs. 48,900, while the GPS + cellular model costs Rs. 58,900. The base 41mm case of the stainless steel Apple Watch Series 8 variants costs up to Rs. 74,900, and they are exclusively offered with GPS + cellular functionality.
  • Similar to the watch bands, which come in a variety of colors and materials such as luxury leather, durable steel, and basic silicone, there are a lot of possibilities. For this evaluation, I was sent the 45mm aluminum cased Apple Watch Series 8 GPS + cellular variant in the Midnight finish.

Specifications and design of the Apple Watch Series 8               

  • Over time, the Apple Watch’s design hasn’t really altered much. With the Apple Watch Series 7, which debuted last year, Apple kept the same display, but upgraded it for this year’s model. The two watches don’t really differ in appearance at all, unless you turn them over and look more closely at the back case, which now reads “Series 8” rather compared to “Series 7.” Even the older Series 7 bands are compatible with the Apple Watch Series 8, depending on case size.
  • The aluminum shell of the Apple Watch Series 8, which brushed against a heavy metal chain, also avoided scratches during the review period, as did the device’s Ion-X glass display. With a sapphire crystal glass display, the more costly stainless steel variant provides superior display protection but comes at a significantly greater cost.
  • The IP6X dust resistance rating and 50-meter water resistance of the Apple Watch Series 8 are features. Thankfully, Apple still includes the Magnetic Charger in the box, with a USB-C connector on the other end.
  • The Apple Watch Series 8 has 32GB of storage, which is used to store synced music, pictures, and apps (aside from the watchOS software and corresponding app caches). It also has the new S8 SiP, or system-in-package. Even though I upgraded from the original Apple Watch SE, I was only able to utilize roughly 10GB of storage. In addition to WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility, the new S8 SiP has a W3 wireless chip that allows it to connect to compatible Bluetooth accessories.

India’s price for the Apple Watch Series 8 GPS + Cellular

Product NamePrice in India
Apple Watch Series 8 GPS + Cellular Smartwatch (Red Strap, 45mm)₹ 43,900
Apple Watch Series 8 GPS + Cellular Smartwatch (Midnight Strap, 45mm)₹ 52,900
Apple Watch Series 8 GPS + Cellular Smartwatch (Milanese Loop Strap, 41mm)₹ 73,200

A decent Series 8 watch?

The 41mm Apple Watch Series 8 puts utility and efficiency first, appealing to customers looking for essential GPS-based functions in a small package. Its simple design, vital health tracking features, and app compatibility make it the perfect partner for everyday activities and fitness tracking.

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