Honor Magic 6 Pro

During the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024, Honor unveiled the Magic 6 Pro, a futuristic smartphone featuring intriguing artificial intelligence features. One of these is a really nice feature called eye tracking.

During the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024, Honor Magic 6 Pro, a futuristic smartphone featuring intriguing artificial intelligence features. What’s all the hype about? Now picture a phone that has eye tracking capabilities! Yes, you are correct. With the help of this future technology, you can essentially access apps and use some of their features just by glancing at them.

An AI-powered eye-tracking function arrives with the Honor Magic 6 Pro!

  • How useful will the eye-tracking feature be in practice, even though it sounds amazing? We were unable to test the functionality at MWC 2024, however, as it has not yet been made available for purchase in other countries. An update is anticipated to be published soon. I was skeptical about the eye tracking feature’s speed and compatibility with apps when Honor demonstrated it during the event through a sample video. How helpful will it be in our day-to-day lives, too? Perhaps if you need to use the phone to accomplish anything and your hands aren’t clean in the kitchen, you can do it just by glancing at it.
  • Honor described the operation of this feature. In a demonstration video, they demonstrated how, in an app with four possibilities, all you have to do is focus your gaze on one of them for a short while. The gadget uses artificial intelligence (AI) to follow your eye movements, recognize what you want to accomplish, and then completes it for you. However, the video itself hinted that the technology might not be very advanced. However, let’s not make a decision without testing it first.
    According to reports, the function can also detect when you are gazing at the iPhone 15’s Dynamic Island interface notifications at the top of the screen and open the app of your choice without touching the device.
  • One intriguing characteristic of the Honor Magic 6 Pro is its intelligent detection of certain items from alerts. It can identify crucial information in your communications, such as dates or addresses, and link it to your calendar app or maps, saving you time and trouble. Additionally, Honor is developing a function that, with a few keystrokes, converts your photographs into films. How fantastic is that? However, Honor displayed this advancement at the event; it has not yet been launched in the real world.

The Honor Magic 6 Pro: A massively bizarre design? strong specifications?

  • Although it doesn’t have an amazing design, the Honor Magic 6 Pro nonetheless has a passable appearance. At the back is a massive camera module with four large cutouts for the camera sensors. Although the phone’s rear panel has a rough leather feel that provides an excellent grip, its form factor is slightly thick. The bulky body of the phone may cause some inconvenience for those used to slim-profile phones. Furthermore, adding a case to the back would probably make the device heavier.
  • On paper, though, the internal hardware appears to be reliable. In addition to being IP68 rated, it boasts an eye-catching 6.78-inch LTPO OLED screen that supports a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The display is sufficiently visible outside, and the vivid colors are pleasing to the eye. The newest flagship Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 CPU and a sizable 5,600mAh battery with support for 80W quick charge are found under the hood. The back camera system includes a telephoto sensor, two 50-megapixel sensors for wide and ultra-angle images, and a 108-megapixel sensor with support for a 100X digital zoom.

Is the Honor Magic 6 Pro making its way to India?

Now, everyone’s main concern is when they will be able to get the Magic 6 Pro, particularly in India. Although HONOR hasn’t revealed the details just yet, we’re keeping an eye out for any new information. We are aware that it will either not arrive at all or not arrive very soon. However, you never know when the firm might decide to release it in India or when its next version with comparable AI features might be released. Nothing has been verified as of yet. For all the latest information, keep an eye on India Today.

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