Boult Audio Z40 Review

In India, Boult debuted the Z40 Ultra, a new model of TWS earbuds with active noise cancellation and up to 100 hours of playback. The earbuds are being offered across a number of sites at a special launch price of Rs 1,999.

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Boult launches the Z40 Ultra, a new line of TWS earbuds, in India.
With active noise suppression, the earbuds can be used for up to 100 hours.
The Z40 Ultra can now be purchased for the exclusive launch cost of INR 1,999.

With active noise reduction, Boult’s brand-new TWS earbuds are said to provide up to 100 hours of playback in India. For those searching for a set of TWS earbuds with a long battery life and respectable performance, the earphones, which are priced under Rs 2,000, appear to be a promising option. The earbuds, known as the Z40 Ultra, are the replacement for the Z40 TWS earphones, which sold more than 1.2 million copies.

India launches the Boult Z40 Ultra: Cost and availability

At a special launch price of INR 1,999, the Z40 Ultra is currently offered on Flipkart, Amazon, and
There are three color options available for the TWS earbuds: Beige, Metallic, and Black.

India launches the Boult Z40 ultra: top specifications

With the use of advanced AI audio technology, the Z40 Ultra seeks to completely transform users’ audio experiences. The Boult Audio Z40 Review promises an unrivalled audio experience with features including 32 dB Active Noise Cancellation, 100 hours of playback, dual-device connectivity, and Sonic Core Dynamics, which incorporates AI-driven intelligent voice processing.

The Z40 Ultra is equipped with a Dual Stream DSP for simultaneous dual audio processing, quick synchronous audio transfer, long battery life, and adaptive audio equalization, in addition to its AI functions. Additionally, the earbuds have an IPX5 water resistance rating.

Should you get a Boult Z40 Pro?

In conclusion, for those looking for a well-rounded audio experience with exceptional call quality, the Boult Z40 Pro headphones are a dependable option. Even if they might not be flawless, they provide a decent mix of design, functionality, and quality, which makes them a viable choice in the crowded headphone market.

Is Boult Audio a reliable company?

While some Boult items are truly exceptional, others are at worst mediocre. While some of Boult’s earphones excite us, others don’t live up to the hype. In light of our experiences, we can conclude that Boult is a reliable brand provided you select their products carefully.

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