Oversleeping Side Effects| अधिक सोने के दुष्प्रभाव

For maintaining excellent health, getting enough sleep is crucial. A healthy night’s sleep of 7 to 8 hours leaves you feeling rested and energetic throughout the following day. However, a lot of people sleep for longer than seven or eight hours, which can be very dangerous. The effects of prolonged sleep on your body can be very diverse. Regularly sleeping for longer than eight hours might have several negative effects.

Disadvantages| नुकसान

  • Heart Issues– According to study, the danger of developing coronary heart disease is doubled for persons who sleep more than eight hours every night.
  • Depression – Extended periods of sleep may also contribute to depression. You might also experience stress in addition to this.
  • Obesity and weight growth– Increasing sleep has been directly linked to weight increase. Every metabolic function in our body slows down while we sleep. Because the body uses so little energy while sleeping, less calories are burned. Unneeded body fat begins to accumulate as a result.
  • Diabetes – A research has proved that people who sleep more than eight hours daily are twice as likely to develop diabetes as those who sleep less than eight hours.
  • Sleeping more means early death– Unexpectedly, the study revealed that those who sleep more often tend to pass away sooner. So get rid of the idea that getting more sleep will make you live longer. The secret to a long life, according to many elderly people around the world, is leading an active and balanced life.
  • Headache– Sleeping for long periods of time harms the brain. You can experience headache issues as a result.

Causes of excessive sleep and diseases causing excessive sleep| अधिक नींद आने के कारण और अधिक नींद आने से होने वाले रोग

  • changing bed or position
  • Changing sleep-wake schedule
  • Sleeping in a closed, dark room with no fresh air or light.
  • Heavy dinner or overeating
  • To get drunk
  • habit of staying up late at night
  • watching mobile for hours
  • Relaxed lifestyle i.e. reducing physical activity
  • excess body fat etc.

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